Expect the unexpected
Unexpected variety Unexpected innovation Unexpected responsibility Unexpected playfulness Unexpected splendour Unexpected silence Unexpected toughness

Expect the unexpected

We are always looking for input and exciting ideas at Pressalit. Even though it means that we sometimes go against the flow - we’re not afraid to experiment and find new ways. We don’t do it to be different, but because we just cannot help ourselves. It’s in our nature – our motivation. It’s what enables us time after time to surprise with new, exciting designs and innovative products.

Unexpected variety

Did you know that Pressalit toilet seats are available in many different colours? Nobody said that a toilet seat has to be white.

Unexpected innovation

Did you know that Pressalit invented the AutoClose®? AutoClose® is an intelligent toilet seat. It lowers the seat silently onto the toilet pan after use – completely automatically.

Unexpected responsibility

Did you know that Pressalit is dedicated to preserving our natural resources? We have responsibility to the environment and are always trying to minimize our impact on nature.

Unexpected playfulness

Did you know that Pressalit has astonishing designs?

Unexpected splendour

Did you know that Pressalit makes exclusive wooden seats of the finest quality? All the wood used for the Splendour models are from sustainable forests.

Unexpected silence

Did you know that soft close ensures that the toilet seat will close silently? No more kids slamming the seat. It can even make men close the toilet seat – quite voluntarily.

Unexpected toughness

Did you know that all Pressalit toilet seats have a 10-year-guarantee? All seats are made of high-quality materials, which last longer.
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